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Local Joe’s Cafe is located in the heart of Mount  Juliet, Tennessee. Founders, Joe + Joseph Perricone, are seasoned restaurateurs, excited about returning to the community with their newest concept, Local Joe’s.

Local Joe’s offers delicious Southern Dishes daily, as well as full-service catering. Our modern and welcoming facility will surely please all of the locals in the community, especially the Local Joe. Local Joe is part of every community - he may be your neighbor, your accountant, realtor, Sunday school teacher, or even your lawn guy. We all know him.

Who is Local Joe?

Local Joe is a friend to all and a foe to few, He's even been compared to a hero or two. He's slow to anger and quick to forgive, He realizes that life is about what you give. He values His family, He's there for his friends, He knows that being kind isn't one of those trends. He loves to cook and He loves the Lord, when it comes to serving others, He's all on board. It's about what you do and not what you say, that's what I learned from Local Joe.

It's the Local Joe's way.

Our Team